Fat of the Land

Fat of the Land is a 58 minute documentary about waste and energy, and ultimately, about the wastage of energy. Produced 1995. Biodiesel is a common fuel today but not in 1995 when this video was produced. We highlight the possibility of transportation energy solutions that drew resources from locally produced waste. Waste grease biodiesel could supply at the time 10% of energy demand.

The course of biodiesel production and boosterism exceeded our preemptory imaginings; we believed it would be a terrible idea to grow crops for the production of bd as is happening now. To destroy existing peasant agricultural land for monocultures of coconut and other oil plants to burn in a diesel engine is not a just solution to societies energy needs. Sarah Lewison and Nicole Cousino, with Gina Todus, Julie Konop and Florence Dore.

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