Fast Fitness Movement Standards

Having the right posture and stance when you lift weights is very important, as it will help to make the exercise more effective and prevent injuries!

Proper form of every exercise is the first step to building a fitness foundation, especially for beginners. If you learn good habits from the start, you will succeed at a much greater speed and you will see results almost immediately. Proper form of every exercise is the key to training success.
Think about it….When you perform an exercise correctly, your body is engaged to it’s full potential, recruiting more muscle fibers. Although it may seem difficult to perform every single rep in that perfect form, you need to remember that the more proper your form is, the more effective your workout will be and the faster your body will transform.

Using proper form is also critical if you want to prevent an injury. Using poor form is the quickest way to end up hurt. So how do you know if you’re using the right form? Watch our new Movement Standards video!

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