Eye Makeup Application Guide: How-to, Tips and Tutorials (Master the Art of Makeup Application Book 1)

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***** This eBook is best viewed on a device that has internet access and can play video. *****

Ultimate guide for eye makeup application.

• 5 easy steps to creating the perfect arch in your eyebrows.
• 3 easy steps for a natural brow shape.
• 4 things you need to know before you apply your eyeshadow.
• The 3 step eyeshadow application technique every pro uses.
• 5 of the top eyeliner mistakes you want to avoid.
• Create the ultimate lash in 3 easy steps.
• The best colors to make your eyes color pop, including….
-The 8 most flattering makeup color for brown colored eyes.
-The 9 prettiest colors for green eyes.
-The 8 most gorgeous makeup colors for blue eyes.
-The top 10 colors that make hazel eyes pop.
• The top makeup product Stephanie recommends.

This jam packed app has everything you need to know about applying eye makeup like a pro. Get product knowledge and learn how to apply those products correctly.
We take you through each step of the eye makeup application with detailed Up-Close Videos that have Step-by-Step Instructions, Application Techniques plus Pro Artist Tips & Tricks.

Get step-by-step instructions, tips and tricks and in-depth video on:

• How to tweeze eyebrows.
• Learn the right way to groom your brows.
• Filling in eye brows.
• Filling in sparse eye brows.
• Eye brow product knowledge.
• Eye shadow prepping.
• Eye shadow prepping product knowledge.
• Eye shadow textures and formulas (product knowledge).
• Basic 3 step eye shadow application technique.
• Highlight, mid-tone and contour eye shadow colors.
• Get eye shadow recommendations for your eye color.
• Eye liner product knowledge.
• How to apply Pencil liner.
• How to apply eyeliner to inner rims and lower lash line.
• How to apply Gel liner.
• How to apply Cake liner.
• How to apply Liquid liner.
• How to apply Mascara for the ultimate lash.
• Mascara product knowledge.
• How to apply false lashes/individual and a full strip.
• Get Stephanie’s product recommendations for each category.

Finally, now you can learn what would have taken schooling and years of experience for a professional makeup artists in just a few days and all at the convenience of your finger tips! Be prepared to see how makeup is really applied we don’t skip steps in our app, we show you everything!


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