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I work for a company selling wallcoverings…I do a bit of marketing: it’s a great job, and I get to meet lovely people. But that’s not what this is about.

While on holiday in Luxor in Egypt a couple of years back. I stayed in a 5* hotel on the banks of the Nile… infinity pool….views to die for. But what I really wanted was to experience local life. So 4 months later I went back alone, and have since visited 6 times. During this time, there’s been a revolution, demonstrations and violence in Cairo, blackouts, no-go areas, curfews and airlines have stopped going there…The tourists have stopped too. Luxor is 400 miles away from Cairo..Luxor is a quiet untroubled place and totally dependant on tourism. Hotels are now empty, leaving locals without jobs or alternative income. Each time I visit, I meet more and more people who were once self sufficient, and are now reliant on handouts. They are proud, kind and welcoming. Some families receive food help from the government, but many don’t. It’s those people who I’d like to help.

I’m there on the spot – I can see what’s needed and who needs it.

There’s no charity attached, no commission, no middle man. I pay for my own travel, accommodation and food. Any donations I receive – I take myself and ensure it all ends up in the right place.

We’ve helped fund medical treatment, and each visit includes donations to a local charity looking after disabled children. Families have received food, money and clothes. These things are received with huge gratitude, but it’s temporary help. I’m seeking ways to enable at least a few to generate their own income again and help regain their independence.

There’s so much to choose from, and my wish list includes many things….but for now, I’m concentrating on a COW!
With a cow a family can make and sell milk and cheese. They can sell the calves. They can add milk, cheese and protein to their diet

I’m calling this Project Jamoosa . I like the sound of the word, and Jamoosa means buffalo in arabic.

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