Dr John Briffa – How to Escape the Diet Trap Interview

In this interview I chat with Dr John Briffa, the UK’s leading nutritional doctor and author of several bestselling books such as Waist Disposal and the newly released Escape the Diet Trap: how to lose weight without calorie counting working out all day or going really hungry.

Here’s a summary of what we talked about.

Why diets can’t work and set you up for failure
– How eating less calories and exercising more is not the key for long term weight loss. (5min 30sec)
– It’s more important to ask: what causes fat to get into my fat cells and stay there? (9min 30sec)

How to Lose weight effectively
– The amazing primal diet melts fat (16min 30secs)
– How to make you diet sustainable
– The best snack to eat to keep away hunger and lose fat.
– Simple ways to eat treats without falling off the rails (28min)

What food is best for kids to eat (43min)

How food and beauty go together hand-in-hand (50min 30sec)
– How the right food makes your skin better (51min 10sec).
– What foods help produce collagen
– What foods cause acne (53min 40sec)
– The ulitmate skin care regime is to care about what you eat as well as using the right skin care products.
– Why Low fat diets can dry out your skin
– Supplements that really help with a premenstural syndrome, including one almost “secret” remedy. These are supplements are great for the skin too.

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