Dietary Supplements for Labradors with Hip Dysplasia

The Basics

A healthy diet is the foundation for your Labrador suffering from hip dysplasia. When it comes to promoting your lab's health and fighting hip dysplasia a good diet plan is extremely important.
In addition to subscription, non-subscription medications or herbal remedies, it is essential to improve your Labrador's diet. The goal is to insure your lab has everything he needs to enable his recovery.

Digestive Enzymes

Food has to be broken down before reaching the dog's intestines. Food particles that are too large can not be absorbed into the bloodstream. Such particles might set off the immune system and cause inflammations, allergies and chronic problems. What is needed in order to assist breaking the food into small possible particles are enzymes. Problem is that enzymes are destroyed in heat and processing. A Lab that is eating processed foods should receive digestive enzymes with every meal. His digestion would improve and his whole health as well. A healthy digestive system helps protect against the development of allergies and other health problems.

The digestive system is then able to utilize the nutrients in the food to the fullest and improve most diet related health problems. Hip dysplasia, while not directly related to the digestive system is greatly improved by a daily intake of these enzymes since the digestive system is then able to function properly and help maintain a balanced weight for the dog. A lab's weight is directly related to the severity of hip dysplasia, so keeping your dog at a optimum weight should ease the pain caused by hip dysplasia.

Essential Fatty Acids

Essential Fatty Acids are very important in any balanced diet. Problem is the body can not produce them on its own. Therefore we should be aware to eat or take essential fatty acids each day. The main 2 fatty acids are omega 3 and omega 6, both necessary for proper formation of cell membranes and important in aid of proper cardiovascular function as well as nourishment of skin and coat. The point that is relevant to Labradors suffering from hip dysplasia is that these fatty acids act to reduce inflammations in the body.
Most essential fatty acids can be obtained from cold water fish oil, such as salmon and cod liver oil. Some contain a blend f omega 3 and omega 6 that is very hard to get just by following a well balanced diet. Most dogs do not get enough essential fatty acids in their regular diets and while suffering from hip dysplasia it is very important to supplement it for reduction of inflammatory process.

Multi Vitamins

Many humans take a multivitamin every day to insure receiving enough of the important vitamins and minerals on a regular basis. A lot of the vitamins and minerals in a dog's diet are destroyed in the processing of the canned or dried food. It is important to make note that each time a dog food package is reopened to get another portion out of the bag – vitamins and minerals get oxygenated and destroyed. It is nearly impossible to know if your lab gets all the vitamins and minerals he needs.

If you are feeding your dog fresh raw foods you would be improving the amount of vitamins and minerals he gets. Still modern farming provide with foods that are lacking nutrients. This is why taking a multi vitamin everyday is a smart decision to make, for humans and dogs alike. After a couple of weeks you should notice your Labradors coat become shinier, eyes brighter and a general sense of well being.

Hip dysplasia dietary supplements

Veterinarians recommend starting to supplement the lab's diet with a supplement containing glucosamine and chondroitin as well as MSM in order to assist in reducing hip dysplasia symptoms and help in combating arthritis and joint degeneration. Your Labrador may receive these very important elements by using herbal formulas as well as laboratory produced supplements. Antioxidants can be added to their diet plan too. These would give their immune system some support in fighting their health condition.

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