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A diabetic diet can not only help lessen the effects of diabetes, but in some cases can reverse the disease. If you’re a diabetic then it’s wise to cut the amount of fats and carbohydrates you consume.

Before discussing the diabetic diet it’s important to understand the two types of diabetes. In general there are two types of this disease – type I diabetes which is generally diagnosed in children and young adults and was previously called juvenile diabetes, and type II diabetes which is a more common form of diabetes. With type I diabetes the body produces overly low levels of insulin, while with type II the problem is with cells that don’t absorb insulin. Both forms of the disease respond well to a diabetic diet, although it is more likely that type II diabetes can actually be avoided or reversed in early stages.

In general the diabetic diet is geared towards attaining ideal body weight for controlling and managing diabetes. It’s easy to calculate ideal body weight for men or women. In females it starts with 100 pounds at five feet, then adds five pounds for every inch over and subtracts five pounds for every inch under five feet. Here’s a quick example – a woman who is 5’4″ tall ideally should be 100 20 pounds, in other words 120 pounds. Men add 6 pounds to 106 for every inch over 5 feet tall. A 5’11” man would ideally weigh 172 pounds.

Many people have different opinions on the perfect diabetic diet, however some general elements are in common. A type I diabetic should ideally consume 16 calories per pound of their weight. Therefore a 150 pound person could eat as many as 2400 calories in a day. Type II diabetes requires approximately 1500 to 1800 calories per day for loss, then differing amounts of calories to maintain ideal body weight.

For a diabetic diet carbs are about 50% of daily calories. Some people consume less carbohydrates, but then they tend to eat more fat. But if saturated fats are avoided, a little more fat in the diet is OK.

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