Desserts and Comfort Food for EVERY Body: Gluten-Free, Low-Glycemic, Paleo and Allergy Friendly Food, Almost Anyone Can Eat

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Rich, Delicious, Healthy Cuisine
full of mouth-watering flavors
await you!

By best-selling author of Think Yourself Thin, and Fun with
Gluten-Free, Low-Glycemic Food Cookbook; also executive chef of former GF/LG Gourmet Restaurant.

Comfort food from pizza to mac and cheese in the healthiest forms you can imagine, but just as satisfying!

Vegan and Vegetarian Alternatives in Every Recipe
Most Ingredients are Healing Foods
Mouth-Watering Flavor!
Made with healing foods
Easy-to-follow Recipes
Alternatives for nearly every allergy
Desserts from pies to tortes, ice cream to cookies

Bonus: Stay Slim eating these foods!

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