CVV Code: Celibate Vegan Voices 23. Halloween 2017

Chandler and Monique wanted to do a short show talking about what they think of Halloween but ended up talking about a whole bunch of different things. They also tell the story of how they met and how they began the podcast.

Ways to Listen, Subscribe, and Share:

Currently the show is available on YouTube, the Internet Archive, and iTunes.

Website for the show:


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Details and software:

The audio podcasts are recorded through Skype calls using the MP3 Skype Recorder:

Chandler Klebs uses audacity to edit the audio files and export them to 128kbps mp3 files.


After the episode is uploaded to the collection, Chandler encodes a video by combining a logo image with the audio of the particular episode. This allows uploading to YouTube, Vimeo and other video sites.

This video was encoded by:

VSDC Free Video Editor

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