COOKIE RECIPES: 500 Days of Delicious Cookies (cookies cookbook, cookie cookbook, cookies, desserts, paleo, ketogenic, vegetarian, desserts for two, low carb, vegan, baking cookbooks)

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The Most Comprehensive Cookie Recipe Book for the Best Tasting Cookies



Whether you’re looking for healthy treats or delicious treats to satisfy your sweet tooth, this cookie cookbook gives you as many options as any cookie lover would desire.

From healthy paleo, low carb, ketogenic, low carb high protein, gluten-free, vegetarian cookies to sweet fruit cookies, peanut butter cookies, coconut cookies, no-bake cookies, oatmeal cookie recipes, to cookies bars and squares, macaroons, meringues and so much more! This cookie recipe book contains OVER 500 sensational cookie recipes that are not only easy to cook but also fun to eat.

All the recipes have been tried and tested, and you can be certain that your home baked cookies will come out great and taste amazing. With the easy to follow steps, you will have no problem whipping up a batch with ease. Besides the 500 awesome cookie recipes included herein, also included is information and tips about equipment, techniques and more. All recipes also come with their respective nutritional information.

This is definitely a must have book for your kitchen! Scroll up, click ‘buy now’ and get your copy today!

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