Complete Paleo Meals: A Paleo Cookbook Featuring Paleo Comfort Foods – Recipes for an Appetizer, Entree, Side Dishes and Dessert in Every Meal

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Looking for help in preparing Paleo meals from start to finish? Complete Paleo Meals has exactly what you need.

Complete Paleo Meals offers you a cookbook that walks you through the entire process for preparing a COMPLETE meal! Inside each selection you will find an entree, a couple of side dishes, and a dessert—some even have an appetizer as well.

Each meal includes enough for feeding 8 people, making it easy to include family and friends or simple enough to cut the amounts in half for a family of four.

But wait! There’s a lot more! This unique cookbook also includes the following features.

1. At the beginning of each meal, you will find the names of all the recipe dishes

2. There is a GROCERY LIST at the beginning of EACH MEAL that lists all the main ingredients you will need AND how much of each item for the entire meal. Just copy it, scan it, or print it to take with you to the store

3. Each step of the preparation process is included with special notations. These often consist of recipes to fix the night before, things to do several hours before your meal, and some last minute ideas on how to get everything to the table at the same time

4. Each meal’s recipes are in the sequence of WHEN you prepare them. This means you will often find a dessert recipe listed before the main entree. This helps you to understand the FLOW of the meal’s preparation so you can see how each recipe moves from one to the next

Make these recipes to create a memorable dining experience for family and friends.

a. Use the appetizers to create your first course

b. Then proceed to the entree and side dishes as you socialize around your table enjoying conversations of laughter and love

c. And finish off your experience with a luscious dessert that keeps family and friends lingering longer.

Let Complete Paleo Meals help you with your next holiday meal or family and friends gathering. It is a resource that will help you build your confidence and cooking skills to become a host and hostess extraordinaire!


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