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Dawning beautiful, bright, glowing skin doesn’t have to mean purchasing expensive, chemical-filled potions from your local department store. There is an abundance of items that you likely already have in your kitchen pantry that will work wonders for your skin, sans the toxic ingredients.


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Diabetes: The Lies They Tell You And Where To Find The Truth


5 years ago I was diagnosed as being Type II diabetes. The nurse at my doctor’s surgery gave me some metformin tablets (max dose) and a self test kit and told me to monitor what I ate and the effects it had.

I must admit I struggled to identify any correlation between the foods and blood sugar effects, as it all seemed rather random.

Some days with eating mainly salads, protein and sandwiches the count was high, other days it was low. Varying my tea and coffee (sweetener instead of sugar) made no difference at all. The only slight benefit I saw was if I ate some peanuts or cheese before going to bed, with a 500ml+ of water to drink, would mainly lower the next morning’s test results by a few decimal points, up to a whole point or sometimes more. My morning blood sugars would be anywhere between 11 and 18.

For the first 2 years I didn’t have a review, and then in 2014 they announced I should attend my annual review(!?!) where I was introduced to citaglyptin, a medicine that allegedly worked with the Metformin to help the diabetes. It made me feel awful, bloated, constipated and constantly needing to pee.

This program opened my eyes to the lies that big business tells you about diabetes.

Early in 2016 at my review, the nurse said that I was heading towards insulin use and it wouldn’t be long.

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Sign Up To Our Fat Burning List To Get This Report Free

Now, to be honest I had actually just trusted what I was told by the medical profession, and never questioned it. I was also expecting the dreaded insulin shots as most of my family were insulin dependent, but I am a belligerent old goat and I thought I would try and fight it. I had already had the citaglyptin changed for a new alternative called Forxiga, which sends the sugars out through the urine, and had some success with that in losing a little weight.

In a bid to lose some weight, my wife announced that she wanted to give up bread, which worked for her quite quickly. Three weeks later we were going on a 2 week cruise, so I said I would also give up bread and had researched the Paleo diet (Caveman Diet) for us to follow. It’s easy on a cruise as they will serve you whatever you ask for (within reason). On our return home we continued to follow this and lost a little more weight.

On my blood test results in September 2016, 6 months after my annual review, my A1C results were down to 51 from (as I found out) a score of 70. Now, to the uninitiated, as I was, the rule is that 42 or under is normal. 43 to 48 is “Pre-diabetic”, glucose intolerant, and 49 or over is diabetic. I had reduced my score from 70 to 51, a whole 19 points in 6 months, by changing my lifestyle choices and doing a little more exercise (we have fitness bands now to measure our activity – search this blog for “Fitbits“).

This program opened my eyes to the LIES that big business tells you about diabetes. Take a look and see if it makes sense to you too!

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