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Juice Recipes For Safe And Effective Fasting


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WORK IN THE FIELDS by Marc Atkins and Rod Mengham

Work in the Fields by Rod Mengham and Marc Atkins
Filmed and edited by Marc Atkins
Words written and read by Rod Mengham
Produced at panoptika studios, London
© 2003

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Diabetes Destroyer Destroyed review – Does It Really Work

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Diabetes Destroyer Reviews is an online eBook found at official website. That eBook claims to teach you health tips that your doctor and big pharma don’t want it. Through an extensive review online, there are countless websites talking about whether Diabetes Destroyer Scam is really a scam or not. Diabetes Destroyer Review is one can never blame their health, age or genes after the arrival of the most threatening and incurable instance. Read this review to find the actual truth about David Andrew’s Diabetes Destroyer and find out if you can cure your diabetes with this all-natural treatment.
In addition, Diabetes Destroyer recommends certain diet and lifestyle changes. The book is jam packed with information and I don’t have enough time to reveal everything here, but I will tell you that the techniques revolve around one central theme: getting the foods you eat to encourage the body’s natural production of insulin.

I’m not going to make an outlandish claim like everyone else here and tell you that this program will cure your diabetes. Curing diabetes is impossible. But with the helpful techniques found in Dr. David Andrew’s Diabetes Destroyer, you may be able to boost your body’s natural insulin levels and help you bring your Diabetes under control as you follow a healthier lifestyle of healthy dieting and exercise.

As a homeopathic dietitian, I encourage you to try Diabetes Destroyer for yourself. This friendly and easily affordable program comes with a 60 day money back guarantee and is available here for a limited time only through the link in the description below.

Diabetes Destroyer Destroyed review – Does It Really Work?

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From Beauty to Success: A Recipe for Facial Mask


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The Plant Based Food Pyramid

As Karen Reed learned, simply cutting meat out of your food equation doesn’t add up to truly healthy eating.

“We ate very little red meat. We did fresh vegetables. But we loved our cheese and we liked butter. It was a lot of fat and that’s really the culprit for a lot of problems,” says Karen Reed.

By age 60 she was packing on pounds and heart problems.

“I had high blood pressure and high cholesterol and very high lipids, triglycerides,” says Reed.

“Diet really has an impact on a number of the cardiac risk factors,” says Dr. Brian Taschner, who is a cardiologist with Lee Memorial Health System.

Cardiologist Brian Taschner is Karen’s specialist. He believes the typical American diet could use a healthy makeover.

“We eat very little fruits and vegetables. So on average about 10% or less of our, our calorie intake is from fruits and vegetables and when we look at the vegetables consumed, about half of those are potatoes. And most of those are fried,” says Dr. Taschner.

It reinforces the point that all fruits and vegetables aren’t created equal. Taking your diet green, means 50-60% of calories come from plant sources. The majority being leafy greens which top the plant-based food pyramid.

“So things spinach and kale, chard, romaine lettuce, those things and then really incorporating all other types of vegetables into your diet. So that really should be the base of the pyramid. And then other things: whole grain carbohydrates. Like the brown rice, the quinoa, faro. And then legumes, so different kinds of beans, should be the next level. Healthy fats, so things like avocados, nuts, olive oil, that should be the next level of the pyramid. And then realizing that most people are going to still consume some animal protein, that really should be the next level when you maybe limit that to about 10% of your diet,” says Dr. Taschner.

The switch took a big bite out of Karen’s health woes.

“It’s just completely changed our life over the last year. My blood pressure has been much better, I’m on less medication. I’ve lost twenty pounds,” says Reed.

A proper plant-based plan may be the beginning of a health transformation.

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Lee Memorial Health System in Fort Myers, FL is the largest network of medical care facilities in Southwest Florida and is highly respected for its expertise, innovation and quality of care. For nearly a century, we’ve been providing our community with everything from primary care treatment to highly specialized care services and robotic assisted surgeries.


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