¡Vegan Tamales!

Please accept my humble apologies… and allow me to distract you with butternut squash tamales!

I am officially back for the summer – granting wishes, no less. So send me those requests…

Music by Los Sundayers

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No Worries Catering – Vegetarian Pancit

Chef Jayar Isagani Pugao of No Worries Catering shows us how easy it is to make vegetarian Pancit!

This “how to” was originally created for No Worries Catering seasonal dinner party, “Eat Now, Laugh Later”. For more info check out www.filipinoveganfood.com


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Paleo Blog Guide Summary

Your guide to the best blogs for Paleo recipes, Q&A about the “Caveman Diet”, paleo diet videos, paleo food lists,
and all the latest paleo news. Free to read and download at http://issuu.com/paleonewstoday/docs/paleoblogsummary/0

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Keith Norris — Health vs Performance: Two Distinct—and Oftentimes, Conflicting—Wellness Goals

Keith Norris presenting at the 2nd annual Ancestral Health Symposium 2012 (AHS12).

The lay public—and, unfortunately, many professionals within the “fitness” and “strength and conditioning” community—consider “health” and “performance” to be synonymous and/or interchangeable terms. This is a disservice both to the lay community, who then assumes, that only an inordinate amount of exercise (both in time and intensity) can elicit superior health, and to the sporting community, who wrongly assumes that superior sporting performance is indicative of superior, underlying health.

This knowledge gap is a tremendous impediment to those most at danger of manifesting some variant of the prevalent “diseases of modernity” as this notion discourages them from seeking and undertaking intelligently programmed exercise regimens that would otherwise mitigate, arrest, or even reverse these same, insidious conditions. The result is often a competitive athlete who maintains a false sense of security concerning their own underlying health. To that end, both the general public, and the competitive sporting community, need to be educated on the true relationship between health and optimum performance.

Keith Norris is the regional manager for Austin Texas’s premier personal training experience, Efficient Exercise, and maintains the always-informative blog, Theory to Practice. He is an expert in the emerging field of Ancestral Wellness based strength and conditioning, utilizing the best, most efficient modern training methods to achieve a proper balance between health, fitness and well-being.

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Food.com Our Best Recipes: Japanese Mum’s Chicken

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Video receta para el proyecto nuestro proyecto Ochenta Gramos. Puedes ver muchas más en la web: ochentagramos.com

Video-recipe for our project Ochenta Gramos. You can finde lots of on our website: ochentagramos.com

Málaga, 2016.

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Medicine & Health Care

Do you see medical school in your future? Are you interested in influencing the future of health care? At the National Student Leadership Conference on Medicine & Health Care, being a health professional becomes a reality. Attend our summer high school medical program and you will experience the health care profession hands-on.

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Antiviral (HPV) Nutrition: Vitamin D3 and Selenium

— Antiviral Immune Nutrition: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00OPJXMTS
— mTOR: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00TVT5YK2/
— Mitochondrial nutrition: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00PGA3YJ8
— Migraine: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01AS15XZW
— Fibromyalgia: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01AS1ZKPA

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Weight Loss Green Smoothie Recipe

This weight loss green smoothie recipe is so simple and tasty! It may just become your new morning staple. Jump start your day with this nutritious, fat-burning green smoothie that works with any weight loss program.

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Leg Stretches – Rich Tola’s 5 Minute Fat Burning Workout #94

Here’s another 5 Minute Fat Burning Workout from my 2011 web series: 100 Workouts in 100 Days. Every workout is safe and easy-to-follow and includes poses and stretches that are based on Yoga. So put a fat-burning spark in your day in only 5 minutes!

For all Tola Yoga classes, fitness DVDs, AB workouts, my film, talk show, podcast, memoir and more visit my website: http://richtola.com. All social: @richtola

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