Carren’s Couch 04 – The Paleoista herself Nell Stephenson

So, by now you know I’m a Vegan and a real advocate for harmony on this planet and the way I see it… our food is one way to get there! Now….. I get that we are all different and I also get that there are other views, beliefs and of course, diet choices out there and I wanted to explore them for myself as well as for YOU!! So, given that just about everyone I meet is talking about Paleo I thought I’d bring you America’s most educated woman on the subject….. The Paleoista herself ….. Nell Stephenson!!

When you watch this episode, you will be totally taken aback by this brilliant woman’s desire to educate the world on the benefits of eating Paleo! Remarkably I found incredible synergies between our beliefs even though our food choices differ. Nell Stephenson is the regular diet advisor on Dr. Oz, the co-author of the Paleo Diet Cook Book with Dr Loren Cordain and the author of her own personal memoirs and diet plan, Paleoista (check it out below….. I think it’s an awesome resource if you’re a meat eater and keen to loose weight and feel great!).

This interview is an astounding insight into the present short-comings of our medical model and how one woman was able to heal herself and become a ferocious voice for health across the country and now, internationally, supporting the Paleo movement! This is just the beginning of our relationship with Nell Stephenson so get ready to be validated, excited, informed and inspired as she opens the doors to a new way of looking at food, diet, weight-loss, health and well being for meat eaters!

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