Calimocho Cocktail Recipes

Summer is officially here and with the heat in full swing, why not beat it with some refreshing summer cocktail recipes? For our first installation of eat-the-world’s Cocktail Recipes series, we have chosen a Spanish drink so popular and easy to make yet one you may not have heard of: calimocho.

Originally from the Basque region (reflected in drink’s original spelling kalimotxo), calimocho is just one of Spain’s many cocktail recipes. Calimocho has won the Spanish palate, now a widespread drink available in bars and restaurants all over Spain. But calimocho still isn’t as popular in other parts of the world but rather one of the cocktail recipes just being discovered by foreigners, including the New York Times!

The best part? Calimocho is of the easiest cocktail recipes to make. Skip the sangria and learn how to make a calimocho for yourself. In this video, we’ll introduce you to one of Spain’s most popular cocktail recipes and show you how to make it step-by-step – variations included. With some lemonade and fruits, mix it up according to your taste and soon enough, calimocho will be one of your go-to cocktail recipes!

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