Burn Fat Build Muscle in 12 Minutes Workout- Super Slow Resistance Training

Super Slow Resistance Training Benefits

This is a workout where you do the movements at a super slow rate of 10-12 seconds per repetition as opposed to the normal 2-4 seconds per rep.

3 Types of Muscle Fibers
This workout has been proven to give you more gains in shorter time than any other workout when it’s done properly. This is mainly because you are working 3 muscle fibers at once. Slow, intermediate, and fast twitch muscles. Most weight training only works slow twitch muscle fibers, so for most, you are working a group of muscles that is rarely used, allowing you to reach big gains fast.

The reason this hits all three muscle fibers is because that is based on intensity which is so high that it overrides the normal way of hitting fast twitch, which most people are know is done with speed. But it’s a misconception that speed is the only way to hit that.

You feel an incredible burn with this as if you are working a muscle you have not worked before in your life and it happens every time you do this but especially in the beginning. This is a breakthrough workout for athletes; people who are looking for a change up their workout, and even people who never work out and want to make gains fast.

15 Minutes to Complete
This whole workout takes under 15 minutes, which for anyone who works out sounds ridiculously short but after doing this properly you will not want to or be able to do more.

Very Safe
This workout is also extremely safe and has very low impact on joints and anyone can do it. in fact This was originally created for women suffering from osteoporosis to create a safer movement, when the researchers noticed in a short time they had 50% gain in muscle.

One of the main advocates of this workout named doctor Doug McGuff writer of body by science, says he brings about a 30% increase in strength in 6 to 8 weeks using this routine and almost guarantee’s a 100% increase in 8 months to a year, and with no injuries, because it is very little force against you, which is what causes joint injuries.

This workout also has serious benefits to your organs and heart, ymca fitness researcher Dr. Wayne Westcott says this pushes more blood to the heart than aerobics and found 50% gains for those working out in this program in 2 months.

Only Necessary to do Once a Week
Another great thing about it is you can do it as little as just once a week. That’s because slow twitch muscles, recover very fast, requiring you to work them out 3 – 5 times per week in order to have growth, but fast twitch muscles fibers take 3 – 7 days to recover, allowing muscle growth to occur. In fact doing it 3 days a week will inhibit growth hormone and raise cortisol levels.

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