Bulk Paleo Ingredients From Ecuadorian Rainforest, LLC

In the past, our ancestors relied on eating whatever they could hunt or forage in the wild. Now, that lifestyle has become one of the largest trends on the planet!

Introducing paleo.

Paleo is short for paleolithic and this diet aims to return the way we eat to the way our ancestors did during that time period, believing that our bodies are still more adept at the way we used to eat.

Paleo is catching on, with one report estimating the global paleo market growing up to $4 billion.

The biggest concern consumers worry about when following a paleo diet is missing out on essential nutrients. Paleo-ready supplements may help fill those nutritional gaps.

Ecuadorian Rainforest can supply paleo-friendly ingredients to help launch the next best-selling paleo product.

One such ingredient Chia seed, which contains “healthy fats” along with high-quality protein.

And Brussels sprouts, which are a good source of fiber, a crucial nutrient for paleo diets.

These are only a couple of the ingredients we can help you source.

Need help formulating your paleo product? Contact Ecuadorian Rainforest, today.

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