Buenos Aires Salud Clip 03

The Government of the City of Buenos Aires presents comprehensive health campaign.
The new campaign puts the focus on the importance of health as a priority issue for the Government of the City of Buenos Aires , and shows how , through a comprehensive plan of awareness , prevention and care , the City guarantees health care to all who need it.
The campaign features 10 animated TV mics. Through different media , how this system diffuses health responds to specific and real problems of the population , through a wide range of services and useful information for everyone.
It also communicates about improvements through the implementation of major works, the incorporation of new equipment for hospitals and health centers , creating shifts telephone system in hospitals to reduce and streamline the waiting time , care plans personalized care , training in healthy habits , among other topics of relevance to those who use the public health system of the City.
Client: Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires
Agency: Don
Title: Salud
General Creative Director: Papon Ricciarelli / Gonzalo Ricca
Creative Director: Gonzalo Ricca
Copyright: Gustavo Lema
Head of art: Javier Guaschetti
Brands General Director: Santiago Sarni
Producer: Carlos Cavaciocchi
Producer Agency: DHNN Creative Agency
Executive Producer: Juan Mai
Animator and post: Leandro Feuz
Director: Juan Crescimone / Lucas Davison
Sonido: Twins Music

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