Bread – 5 Reasons Why Bread Benefits Your Health

Choosing the right nutrition can benefit your health. Bread has a lot to offer to your body. I will tell you why the carbohydrates of bread are better than others, why you should think about the amount of dietary fiber in your food, and about some other ingredients in bread you may not have known about. The following 5 reason will make your daily bread taste even better.

Bread's complex carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are an ideal source of energy. Bread contains a lot of carbohydrates in the form of starch. Simple carbohydrates are sugar, but starch is a complex carbohydrates. The difference is, that complex carbohydrates are chains of single sugar elements and your body has to break those chains down into single sugars before it is available for your body. This is a great benefit, because complex carbohydrates do not let your blood sugar rise as normal sugar does. This is the first lesson, that people who are suffering from diabetes, learn. They have to eat complex carbohydrates-rich food like bread.

Lower blood sugar level due to bread

We have learned, that low blood sugar is good. But why? Every time you eat sugar, your body will release insulin. Insulin is necessary to regulate the amount of sugar in your blood. Now if you eat too much sugar, your blood sugar will go on a roller coaster ride and fall from high to low repeatedly. This not only causes diabetes, it also makes you hungry right after you have eaten, because your body is starving for sugar then. It is a vicious circle, you can break with bread.

Bread consist of much dietary fiber

If your meal contains enough dietary fiber, it will not leave you hungry. You may already have experienced, that after you have eaten you are still hungry. The reason for this is that the food you have ateen did not contain as much dietary fiber as bread does. Since bread is one of the best supplements for dietary fiber, it just has to be on your menu. Another value of dietary fiber in bread is, that it lowers both, blood sugar and blood fat.

Vitamins and minerals you can find in bread

Vitamin B1 helps your concentration, memory and physical condition. Vitamin B6 affects your metabolism and builds blood. Magnesium is also called the "anti-stress-mineral", because of its task in your body. Magnesium calms down your nerves and muscles. Trace elements such as zinc stabilize your immune system. Unsaturated fats are important for the building of cells and hormones.

It is cheap!

And last but not least bread does not only benefit your health, but your wallet as well, because it is cheap! Bread's ingredients are cultured in high amounts worldwide, which results in low prices. It is one of the oldest natural food products we know about and we still can not imagine life without it. Give us today our daily bread!

As you can see, bread is important for your nutrition plan. People who eat more bread benefit from it. Bread is a natural vegetarian food. You will eat less unsaturated fats, less cholesterol and less sugar. Due to bread's saturating effects you will automatically eat less calories, which can help you not only to lose weight, but be healthy.

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Source by Daniel Babbel


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