Both Unprocessed steak (Grassfed Beef-Paleo) AND Processed meat (Bacon-LowCarb Diet) are now linked to Cancer & Human Death

Both Unprocessed steak (Grassfed Beef) AND Processed Meat (Bacon) are now linked to Cancer & Tumors. Thus, both Paleo & LowCarb diets are now found tied to Human Death.

Meat is linked to Death. Eating Steak shortens life. Ingestion of Grass-Fed beef tied to early death. Consumption of plain unprocessed meat increases risk of human death. Bacon is now found linked to male Rectal cancer, Anal Cancer & Colon Cancer. Even the smallest amounts are found to cut life-span.

The argument “everything in moderation” is classified as debunked. It is not supported by science. (If a person uses the phrase “Just eat it in Moderation then it’s ok” that is not correct and indicates the person doesn’t know science. It isn’t a fact, it is an unscientific old wives tale.)

Science actually found that even as little as 2 bites, just 2 slices of bacon, or a tiny 3 ounce bit of meat was enough to show health damage. That’s a tiny serving size. And merely just 1 serving of this, per day, one time a day, not breakfast plus lunch plus dinner, was sufficent to show statistically significant damage to human health such that it lead to an early death for those who ate meat.

Plain unprocessed meat, including regular steak, even grass fed beef has now been shown dangerous. In fact, the WORLD CANCER RESEARCH FUND (WCRF) has now delcared processed meat, such as bacon, sausages, bologna, hotdogs, hamburgers, and spam, even worse. The WCRF is now on record declaring that there is NO SAFE HUMAN LIMIT for ingestion of bacon, sausage, pepperoni, cold cuts, oscar meyer wieners, smoked salted meats, beef jerky, and so forth. Even eating 1 bit of bacon is linked to Rectal cancer, cancer of a man’s behind. Bacon raises chances of cancer of a man’s buttock area. The treatment is surgery to insert instruments into the men’s behind and cut out the affected area and sew the remaining rectal tube back onto the inside of the man’s anus. Cancer of a man’s seat from bacon can begin to occur at a young age, grow tumors in the 20’s and 30’s, manifest itself in the 40’s and if not caught result in colon cancer death in the 50’s. Colon cancer is the 2nd most deadly cancer, it is often not caught in time and can leave your children without a father,

The compounds in Bacon that result in tarnishing human health are N-Nitroso compounds, known carcinogens that are linked to some of the worst cancers, cholesterol, lard, saturated fat, Heme iron, Sodium Nitrate and Sodium nitrite, preservatives found in bacon and processed meats that cause health risk. Diethylstilbestrol which is known to be linked to horrific birth defects. The taste of Bacon is not coming from the bacon meat itself, the taste of bacon actually comes from vegetarian seasonings and salt. Bacon is Smoked. Smoking something is done to add the delicious flavor of plants into something that does not taste as good. Hickory smoked bacon is an example. Hickory is a tree. Trees are plants. The taste of hickory smoked bacon is coming from vegetarian tastes, not so much from the bacon. This is why it is possible to make food that tastes like bacon out of plants, but it is not possible to make things that taste like plants out of meat. It’s not the taste of meat. The taste people associate with meat is coming from vegetarian plant spices. Thus one can get all the taste remembered from bacon, without ingesting it. Ironically, there are still some unwitting people following Paleo, Crossft, and Low-Carb diets -who are usually less informed on the science in nutrition- that are still eating it. Bacon is so poor for human health it was medically declared unfit for human consumption by the World Cancer Research Fund, the AICR, and Cancer UK.

UNPROCESSED meat is also linked to cancer and death. Do not make the mistake of thinking it’s “only” processed meats that are bad. Don’t think as long as you eat things that are unprocessed that it’s good–this is medical quackery and it is Not true. Here is an example. Grassfed meat was found to contain pieces of Cancer in it. In addition Grass Fed beef was found Genetic Defects inside it, such as Bovine Arachnodactyly. In other words, if you are ingesting Grass Fed beef, you are eating birth defects and tumors. If you eat it to build muscle, you can incorporate defective DNA or defective Protein into your own tissues. In addition, ALL meat contains Neu5gc, and cancerous HEME IRON. Heme Iron is the BAD FORM of iron, linked to esophagus cancer, throat cancer, and gastric cancer. It is cytotoxic, mutagenic, an oxidant. ALL meat, even unprocessed meat, contains HEME IRON. There is no way to get rid of it. Therefore, ALL MEAT in existence is harmful. There is NO healthy “kind” of meat available. Chicken, contains heme iron, so chicken is carcinogenic. Wild Alaskan Salmon contains heme iron, so both Atlantic & Pacific wild salmon are carcinogenic. All meat on the planet is now found to be Carcinogenic.

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