Body by Fitz Fitness – Stiff Power Twisters # 26 – 500 reps

Power Twister # 26 is for those of you who have new stiff or heavy resistance power twisters that are too stiff to do my high-rep workouts at this time. As with workout #25, personal trainer, Fitz Houston, takes you through 500 reps, with the difference being the first 100 reps are in sets of 25 with a :15 rest, 2nd 100 – 20 reps/:15 rest, 3rd 100 – 15 reps/:15 rest, 4th 100 – 15 reps/;15 rest and finally 5th 100 – 20 reps/:15 rest. As always, adjust the level of difficulty by moving the twister closer or farther away from your body – rest if you have too, then continue. If you reach failure before the end of the workout, stop for that day, then attempt to go further next time. Rotate this workout with any of my other workouts, but for best results and injury avoidance due to overworking the muscle group, DO NOT DO THIS WORKOUT MORE THAN ONCE A WEEK, to avoid burnout. Above all, have fun and go for it!! Any questions, you can reach me here.

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