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No bake apricot weetbix slice, easy 3 ingredient kid friendly recipe made with w…

No bake apricot weetbix slice, easy 3 ingredient kid friendly recipe made with weetabix, or wheat biscuit breakfast cereal

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Dubai Marina Walk | A Film by Chris Atkins

This video is about a Dubai Marina walk

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Health Begins With Water


Lactose Intolerant Symptoms and the Lactose Intolerant Diet

Lactose intolerant symptoms, or digestive dysfunction attributable to the inability to metabolize lactose, affects a large percentage of individuals worldwide, and can be maintained with a diet that avoids dietary lactose, among other factors we will discuss briefly. Lactose is the major sugar in milk, and if it is not absorbed into the digestive system properly, it ferments and leads to abdominal pain which can be rather severe.

Examples of intolerance symptoms are nausea, abdominal colic, stomach rumbling and gas, and diarrhea. It is triggered when lactose, predominately in milk and dairy products, form when two sugars are bound together. For it to become absorbed, it has to be split into two smaller sugars, which in our systems is transported out by an enzyme known as lactase, present in the lining of the small intestine. If this enzyme is low or absent, it can not be absorbed but instead sits in the large intestine and ferments, producing gas and additional symptoms.

If you appear to have lactose intolerant symptoms and wish to discern if you are indeed have intolerance, try the "domestic method". Avoid eating foods that contain dairy products for two or three days. This would be milk and dairy, but would also include any products which ingredients contain milk. Then drink two to three glasses of milk, and if you get a stomachache or diarrhea within an hour, you have intolerance. There are more formal tests that can be administered, such as measuring blood sugar levels or the use of a breath test.

So that you can take care of these symptoms, what sort of foods would combine this diet? It will depend on the severity in which the individual experiences lactose intolerant symptoms, but those with mild indications may be okay with just reducing their diet of dairy products. People who have more severe symptoms bought to consult a dietitian to go on a formal lactose intolerant diet. An interesting aspect is that the situation seems to occur on an individual basis, but varies from person to person. Individuals appear to be more prone to it as they mature. Certain populations, such as Northern Europeans and North Americans are affected to a far lesser degree than people in Africa, Asia, and South America. Also, these symptoms may be the result of celiac disease, which damages the area of ​​the small intestine that makes lactase. In this case going on a lactose intolerant diet long enough for your intestine to get better will cure the problem.

To deal with lactose intolerance, you will find four accepted general principals for this diet. Along with the aforementioned avoidance of dietary lactose, the diet should have an emphasis on substituting other nutrients to make up those lost from dietary lactose, regulating calcium intake, and the use of an enzyme substitute. These symptoms will not kill you, but will make you feel extremely uncomfortable, and of course you must be sure you have lactose intolerance instead of a lactose allergy, which is an adverse immune response to some food protein, and if severe would require immediate medical attention. But lactose intolerant symptoms are more more frequent, and with consultation with a dietician you will be put on a diet that should treat the symptoms.

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This sesame chicken recipe is a slimmed-down and healthier version of the sesame…

This sesame chicken recipe is a slimmed-down and healthier version of the sesame chicken from PF Chang's and other Chinese restaurants. via @SparkPeople

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How To Achieve Weight Loss Success Beyond Diet And Exercise?

Successful weight loss is not just about diet and exercise. Would you agree? What else can contribute to your stubborn weight gain? Mental blocks and limiting beliefs, hormone imbalance, boundary issues and medical conditions…In this video, you are going to explore unique tips about how to lose weight easily and keep it off beyond diet and exercise. To Learn more about simple and easy to follow strategies that make your weight loss results stick, join “Conscious Weight Liberation Workshop” NOW to UNLOCK your unlimited potentials and Create Your BEST Version!

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Vanilla Pound Cake

Everyone knows that losing weight fast can be bad for you, bad for your body and rarely lasts. Until Now! Free Ebook

Vanilla Pound Cake with Vanilla Glaze

Pound cake is the best friend of the dessert world. It’s not fussy. It can be dressed up with whipped cream and berries, slathered with butter and placed on a grill, or simply sliced and enjoyed alongside a steaming cup of coffee. It’s happy to be loved exactly as it is.

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The Best Vitamins For Women Over 40 And What Essential Things You Need To Know About It


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