Sugar Free Desserts: Sugar Free Ice Cream, Cakes, Cookies, Pies, And More; Sugar Free Cookbook For Rapid Fat Loss And Healthy Living With Photos And Nutrition Facts For Every Recipe

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Dozens of tasty sugar-free dessert recipes that won’t make you fat!

Do you struggle to lose weight or maintain self-discipline when it comes time for dessert? Are you tired of eating bland and boring desserts or skipping dessert entirely? Do you want to have your cake and eat it too?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this Sugar-Free Dessert cookbook is the collection of recipes you’ve been waiting for!

Embrace a healthy lifestyle!

Lots of people can benefit from reducing or eliminating sugar from their diet. This is easy enough to do for most meals, but what about dessert? When it comes to consuming less sugar and calories, lots of people end up skipping dessert entirely and then feel miserable about it. Don’t set yourself up for failure! If you are going to stick to your diet you can’t feel like it is a burden and that you are giving up everything you love. These amazing sugar-free dessert recipes let you eat some of the best desserts of your life without sacrificing your health or gaining weight! These sugar-free dessert recipes will help you lose weight and feel healthier GUARANTEED OR YOUR MONEY BACK!

Award winning sugar free dessert recipes

The delicious award winning recipes in this sugar free cookbook treat food as the honest and natural source of nutrition that it is. Many of the recipes are appropriate for a variety of specialized diets including vegetarian, vegan, diabetic, gluten-free, paleo, ketogenic, low carb, and slow carb. The recipes are delicious but not overly complex and require no exotic equipment or significant cooking background.

A sustainable sugar free lifestyle – not a restrictive starvation diet

A sugar free diet is not like other diets. It is not based on adhering slavishly to arbitrary rules or starving yourself thin. This is a diet to improve your quality of life, not just a means to an end! At its core, a sugar free lifestyle embraces a simple philosophy: eat real, healthy, sugar free food, in its fresh and natural form, and enjoy your life!

Sugar free recipes that are delicious and will make you feel alive!

Do something good for yourself and grab this amazing collection of sugar free dessert recipes today. Just give this lifestyle a try and when you have personally seen the difference a sugar free, healthy diet can make in your life, you will have no desire to go back to eating the sugar-filled desserts that may have been causing your digestive issues, weight gain, lack of energy, and health problems in the past. Let this book show you the amazing sugar free dessert movement so that you can embrace a new and improved you, one tasty dessert at a time!

Grab this book today and start enjoying all the benefits that eating sugar free desserts has to offer! Make a small investment in your own health as well as the health of your family that will pay off huge!

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Paleo Slow Cooker Soups and Stews: Healthy Family Gluten-Free Recipes

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Do you want an easy way to cook soups and stews that are grain free AND gluten-free? Then Amelia Simons’ 2nd cookbook in her Paleolithic Slow Cooker series is just what you are looking for!

While a paleolithic diet has been shown to be a very effective low carb way for losing weight, spending time in the kitchen can be a challenge. That’s why Paleolithic Slow Cooker Soups and Stews: Healthy Family Gluten-Free Recipes will give you slow cooker recipes to satisfy your hungry family while making your kitchen smell divine in the process.

This gluten-free soup and stew cookbook containing 40 delicious recipes will:

  1. Give you step-by-step instructions on how to cook really tasty quick breads in your crock pot so you don’t have to heat up your kitchen
  2. Instruct you on how to convert your favorite soups and stews to slow cooker recipes
  3. Give you recipes for soups and stews featuring beef, chicken, pork, seafood, and vegetables
  4. Allow you to make recipes that feed 6 or more people
  5. Give you gluten-free and grain free recipes that are tasty and healthy and will have your family and loved ones asking for seconds

So, if you answered yes to wanting an easy way to cook soups and stews for a grain free and gluten-free diet, then don’t miss out on this cookbook full of healthy and delicious slow cooker recipes.

PLEASE NOTE: This cookbook and my other cookbook in this series called, Paleolithic Slow Cooker: Simple and Healthy Gluten-Free Recipes, are created with families in mind. A 6-quart slow cooker is used for all the recipes; however, if you want to make smaller portions, just use a 4-quart sized crockpot and cut the ingredient amounts in half. OR even better, do like so many of us do that enjoy the Paleolithic Diet–make a big batch and have enough for another meal that requires NO COOKING!

Jazzy Vegetarian Season 2!

Host Laura Theodore provides a jazzylicious “sneak peak” into Season 2 of JAZZY VEGETARIAN on National Public Television. After an overwhelming response to its first season, Season Two has thirteen half-hour episodes filled with all-new satisfying recipes, featuring healthful tips from Dr. Pam Popper, noted for her contribution to the popular documentary and book Forks Over Knives. “JAZZY VEGETARIAN offers mouth-watering and healthful dishes accessible even to those who are not experienced cooks. I’m thrilled to work with Laura Theodore in making healthy eating appealing and fun,” says Dr. Popper. Season Two of JAZZY VEGETARIAN introduces a cornucopia of irresistible favorites with a healthy twist. Please your company with “Tortilla ‘Fried’ Mushrooms” and an “Easy Paella Dinner.” Wow your family with the “Rockin’ Moroccan Stew” and top it off with a “Chocolate Mousse Ginger Pie.”

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Fitbit Flex 2, Black (US Version) – YumYum

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Top 21 Superfoods for Diabetics – Avocadu

The best superfoods for diabetics are the ones that are high in healthy nutrients and also keep blood sugar down and/or level. Eat more of these healthy foods if you suffer from type II diabetes!…

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Paleo To Go: Quick & Easy Mobile Meals for Busy People on the Go! (Paleo Diet Solution Series)

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**** #1 Best Seller in Cooking for One **** 

Just to say Thank You for checking out this Book I want to give you a copy of my upcoming book “Paleo Pantry: The Beginner’s Guide to What Should and Should NOT be in Your Paleo Kitchen” go to to reserve your FREE copy! 

“Paleo To Go: Quick & Easy Mobile Meals for Busy People on the Go!” 

I know you’re busy so I want to cut straight to the chase… There are a TON of Paleo books out there. You’re checking this one out so I’m sure you’ve bought others. 

That means you’re most likely familiar with the basics, you’ve read the same rehashed definitions, explanations, and background in all the other Paleo books and what you’re really looking here for is practical recipes and new ideas to maintain your new (or maybe not-so-new) Paleo lifestyle – am I right? 

I mean, it’s a LIFESTYLE, you shouldn’t be stuck eating garden salads, celery sticks, and flavorless sautéed chicken breasts for the rest of your life! 

Healthy doesn’t have to be bland or boring… 

You want yummy recipes, that don’t take a ton of work, and most importantly that you can take with you. 

WHY, because humans are mobile! 

We don’t stay in one place all day long (neither did our Paleolithic ancestors) so our food has got to travel right along with us. 

This short book covers 

* The basics of Easy Portability – if you’ve already got that dialed in – skip that section and head right to the recipes. 

* The 3 most-likely “meals” to be eaten on the run 

* As well as some of the most common condiments used in our recipes. 

Scroll up and get your copy of “Paleo To Go: Quick & Easy Mobile Meals for Busy People on the Go!” now! 

Almond Meal/Flour | Bob’s Red Mill

What is almond meal? How do you use it? What are the nutritional benefits? Bob answers these questions and more in this video. Visit to learn more about this gluten free flour. Find recipes using Bob’s Red Mill Almond Meal/Flour at

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Navratri – Religious Significance and Puja Vidhi