Best foods to eat while pregnant || healthy food for pregnant women || eating while pregnant

Here are some best foods to eat while pregnant

Start being a good mom, even before your baby is born, by eating foods that will help your fetus develop into a strong and healthy infant.

1. Yogurt
This will provide your body and baby with key nutritional benefits like: folic acid, calcium and protein. Mix it with granola or add real fruit to make it even tasty.
2. Spinach — It can be dressed up in salads, sandwiches or in hot dishes, so you and baby will get the benefits from the high quantities of folic acid, iron, calcium and vitamin A.
3. Red pepper Stuff it, stir fry or dip it in ranch, no matter how you eat this yummy veggie it will provide you and your baby with the vitamin A,C and B6 that you needed.
4. Oatmeal— Oat contain lots of fiber, vitamin B, iron, important minerals, so eat them for breakfast or put them in your cereal to benefit from this healthy food source.
5. Nuts—- This is a great snack food that you can take with you anywhere and nuts are full of minerals and Vitamin E. Walnuts also boost your baby’s brain development.
6. Mangoes —- You’ll love its sweet taste and you and your baby will be benefited from the vitamin A and C and potassium that make up this delicious fruit.
7. Lentil or dall or pulse —- Great in soup, salads or on their own, this yummy legume is packed with folic acid, protein, vitamin B6 and iron that will help you and baby to stay healthy.
8. Carrots — This will provide your baby with key vitamins that will help in developing bones, teeth and eyes. Carrots are full of vitamin A, B6, C and fiber.
9. Broccoli — With cheese or without cheese, broccoli is fantastic for you and baby because it contain vitamin A, C , Calcium and folic acid.
10. Avocados – Avocados provide you and baby with folic acid, vitamin C and vitamin B6 that can assist with easing morning sickness or stomach upset.
11. Sweet potatoes – Sweet potatoes get their orange color from carotenoids, plant pigments that are converted to vitamin A in our body. Sweet potatoes are also a great source of vitamin C, folate and fiber.
12. Beans – Navy beans, black beans, pinto beans and chickpeas are good source of iron, folate calcium, zinc, fiber and protein.

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