Baked Eggplant Chips- Hanson Creek Silicone Baking Mat — Baked Eggplant Chips: Hanson Creek Silicone Baking Mat – Non-Stick Bakeware For Rolling, Kneading, Baking, Freezing – Improve your cookies, pastries, bread, candy, meats, and veggies – Half-Size (11 5/8 X 16 1/2 in.) Fits Standard Cookie Sheet Perfectly – Reusable And Eco-Friendly – No Hassle Guarantee – Bonus Baking Manual Included Free

What you need to know about the Hanson Creek Silicone Baking Mat:

Saves You Time & Money! Save money (no more parchment paper to buy), save time (cleanup is a breeze – just rinse with warm, soapy water and let it air dry), and eat healthier meals (no need to use grease, fats or extra oils when baking or roasting). Now you can get perfect results every time. Each mat can be reused thousands of times and lasts 10 years or more. No more tossing out parchment paper when you bake.

Totally Safe and Toxin-Free – Goes from your freezer to your oven – safe to use at temperatures from -40 degrees F to 480 degrees F (check temps). Non-toxic. Certified by FDA and NSF standards to be food safe.

Have More Fun and Get Professional Chef Quality Results! The Hanson Creek Silicone Baking Mat is so versatile. It is perfect for food preparation, baking, roasting, freezing. Beveled corners and its 11 5/8″ X 16 1/2″ size make it so easy to remove from a standard-size cookie sheet. Remember that it’s not a cutting board, so don’t use sharp knives on your baking mat.

Buy two or more Silicone Baking Mats today at and get Free Shipping! Have one in the oven while you prep the second mat. Use one for baking and one for roasting. Keep one for yourself and give one to a friend. At the Hanson Creek kitchens we often have two or three mats in use at the same time. Plus, these professional-quality baking mats make great gifts for anyone who loves to cook, bake, and enjoy delicious and healthy food – whatever the occasion. A prepper friend who is into food storage bought a number of our mats to keep in his prepper pantry, just in case…

Bonus – With your purchase, you will also receive the Hanson Creek Baking Mat Manual that includes tips to getting perfect results with your baking mat as well as favorite recipes from our kitchens. There are sections on adapting recipes to reduce grease and fat, how to get perfectly-formed cookies, using your mat to make gluten-free baked goods, how to use your mat to support a paleo (paleolithic) diet, and more.

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Hanson Creek is dedicated to providing products that we use ourselves, and that we find essential in the lives of our family and friends…in the 3 key areas of areas of Food, Fun, and Fantastic Health.

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