Bacon confirmed linked to Rectal Cancer in Men & Bladder Cancer in Women – No Safe Amount – Even 1 serving poses Health Risk.

Study confirms Bacon May give Men Ass Cancer. No Amount Safe. Bacon now classified as unsafe. Eating Bacon is now confirmed linked to Cancer of the Men’s behind. (Colo-Rectal Cancer) Also No Safe Amount. Bacon and processed meat, unlike marketers, is categorized by those with higher scientific knowledge as being un-fit for human consumption. Non-Vegan Meat and Paleo Diet Eaters are at Severe Risk. It is important to note that this study also compared Fit persons, those who look fit, lift weights, exercise, and think they “eat healthy”. Even the fitness exercisers ended up dead. This experiment excluded those meat-eaters who smoked, drank, couch-potatoes, and other un-healthy lifestyle factors. It means that this study compared “Health-Conscious” meat-eaters with vegetarians, and the “health-conscious” meat-eaters still ended up dead. These are those such as might be in exercise classes, crossfit, muscle-building, endurance runners, athletes, and others who don’t smoke, aren’t fat, and believed they were eating a healthy “balanced diet” in “moderation”. Those that ate bacon were still found to have a 70% risk of Death. The study is extremely large. Nearly 500,000 people. Not 6 people, not 120, but spanning neearly half a million people studied.

Bacon eaters were also found to have tumors in their body and tissues. Eaters of bacon ended up with various cancers. One type of cancer that is very bad, the 2nd most common cause of cancer deaths, is colon and rectal cancer. This is cancer of your back seat. Men who ate bacon often ended up with cancer of their hind end. Women also showed the same results. As well as chemo-therapy, the treatment is to surgically place forceps up through the man’s anus from the rear, cut up the intestinal wall to chop out the man’s rectum and pull it out the man’s anus. Then the dangling piece internally above the cancer line is sewn back onto the man’s anus to re-form the complete exit tube.

It is important to understand that you do not avoid this problem (rectal cancer) by eating Grass-Fed Beef. Grassfed Beef is still linked to cancer inside of a Man’s buttocks. The reason is, it has nothing to do with the cow eating grass or not, meat, whether processed or un-processed, organic or factory produced, still contains HEME IRON. Heme iron is contained in the blood. So there is no kind of meat that does not have blood, i.e. Heme Iron. There is Heme iron even in Organic, Hormone-Free, Pasture-Raised, Locavore, Antibiotic-Free, non-grain-fed meat. Including steaks. If it’s an animal, it has heme iron. Heme iron is tied to rectal cancer. Also all meat is deficient. Fiber staves off rectal cancer. Fiber is only produced by plants. Fiber is only found in plants. Meat is nutritionally deficient. Meat has zero fiber. There is no fiber in meat. So meat has everything that is tied to causing rectal cancer, and has none of the substance that could reduce it. There is no fiber in Grass Fed organic meat. The beneficial substance, fiber, is only present in plants, which are the basis of a vegan diet. Therefore vegans do not have this problem. Of fiber and mutagenic and carcinogenic heme iron only found in meat.

Bacon is now confirmed tied to risk of shortened lifespan, increased mortality even in health-conscious fitness oriented people. And life enjoyment is also poor in bacon eaters due to the fact that any number of years prior to death, the bacon-eater is suffering from cancer of the behind, may be fitted with a colostomy or ostomy external plastic bag into which their urine and feces pour and they must squeeze and empty, plus the surgical excision of their bowel pulled out through their anus.

This is one of the most authoritative and definitive scientic studies ever done. The data now show that there is No safe human level of bacon meat. Those that ate bacon, even just 2 strips per day, the smallest amounts, even exercisers who were fit, had a 70% increased risk of Death. From ingesting simply bacon and various meats both processedand unprocessed.

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