Gluten-Free Pregnancy

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For many people, the thought of cutting gluten out of a diet seems impossible. However, if cutting out foods with gluten causes a drastic improvement in health, a person may not find it to be so difficult. In the event a woman has cut out gluten from her diet, it is a good idea to continue avoiding these products during pregnancy. A child depends on their mother to provide them with essential nutrients, but if a mother becomes ill due to consuming gluten, it can have adverse reactions to the child.

Keeping healthy during a gluten-free pregnancy is done the same way as if a woman was not pregnant. Women will still need to consume important vitamins in the proper amounts. These vitamins include those normally found in products like wheat. Fiber, magnesium, and B vitamins are all included. If a mother is unsure if she is getting enough vitamins, she may turn to pre-natal vitamins for extra help. There are several brands of vitamins that are specifically targeted to women who are not able to, or choose not to, consume gluten.

Eating well is the best way for a woman to stay healthy, whether she is vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, or has no definite diet restrictions. This includes a diet where meats, dairy, fruits, vegetables, and grains are eaten in the proper portions. Luckily, a woman living gluten-free has options in all of these food groups. All dairy, fruits, and vegetables should be safe for those with Celiac disease or a gluten intolerance. The grains will be the most difficult, as wheat can not be consumed. Wheat can be substituted for gluten free foods such as rice and buckwheat.

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This blueberry cream pie is vegan, gluten-free, refined sugar free and easy to m…

This blueberry cream pie is vegan, gluten-free, refined sugar free and easy to make. It's the perfect dessert if you love to eat a healthy cheesecake without dairy or eggs. Easy recipe with simple ingredients

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Gretsch Guitar NAMM 1957 with Chet Atkins

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weight loss diet tips by dietician sheela seharawat

weight loss diet tips by dietician sheela seharawat

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This Gluten Free Vegan Lemon Tart is a fresh, vibrant, and creamy dessert, perfe…

This Gluten Free Vegan Lemon Tart is a fresh, vibrant, and creamy dessert, perfect for your Easter gathering! Almond flour crust, a zesty cashew filling, and coconut whipped cream makes for one irresistible vegan dessert! #easterdessert #healthydessertrecipes #lemontart #vegan #glutenfree #vegandessert #easterrecipes #springdessert

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Elephant Almond Cookies – Vegan (egg & dairy free) & gluten free⎟ Delicaroom

Open for recipe ▾ For 8 to 10 elephants, you’ll need : • 50g almond flour (1.7 oz) • 40g rice flour (1.4 oz) • 25g raw sugar (0.9 oz) • 40g plant based milk • 4 leaves of…


How to Make Creamy Sunflower Seed Butter

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Sunflower Seed Butter Recipe

Before we had our toddler son, I used to make a lot of homemade pantry staples. Yogurt? Check. Bread? Check. Nut butter? Check. These days, though, because time is tight, many of our homemade staples have been replaced with good store-bought versions.

But I’m still making my nut and seed butter! It’s so quick and simple—and I like that you can control exactly what’s in it.

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Paleo Recipe Book Over 370 Easy Recipes

Paleo Recipe Book

Paleo Recipe Book – Weight Loss Tips
All about paleo diet meal plan
Following a proper diet plan is extremely important, especially in the present times. We all are leading sedentary work lifestyles and our food habits tend to revolve only around processed foods. This has led to a host of lifestyle related diseases and also obesity. In order to truly remain healthy, it is important to ensure that the body is receiving the right kind of nutrition. There are numerous different types of diet plans available today – each serving a different purpose. The paleo diet meal plan is one such plan. This particular diet plan has become extremely popular at present – mostly owing to its high nutritional goodness. In this article we have compiled the basic information you should have regarding the paleo diet.

Paleo Recipe Book

What is paleo diet about?

The paleo diet plan is all about going back to natural food sources. In other words, you have to completely give up processed food and focus on food in its raw, nutritious self. So, under the paleo diet meal plan you must eat whole and unprocessed foods. The term paleo has been derived from paleolithic which signifies the stone age. That was the time when the hunting and gathering were the main ways of getting food. The humans used to eat these gathered food in their raw form. And they also did not suffer from any of the lifestyle diseases that are rampant today. This is why this particular meal plan has been quite in vogue. It is very easy to follow and you do not need to buy any fancy diet food for it. Also, unlike many other diets, this one does not make you starve in any way. So, your body remains well balanced from the nutritional point of view and also recuperates from any previous damage that your unhealthy lifestyle had done.

How to follow the paleo diet meal plan

As stated before, the paleo diet plan is extremely easy to follow. Here you just have to go back to the basics. As far as what you can eat is concerned, you can have plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits. Make sure these are not the processed of frozen variety. Eat them as fresh as possible. These provide the necessary nutrition and fibre to the body. You can have plenty of protein rich foods like fish, meat and eggs. These give your muscles ample strength. Also have seeds, nuts, spices and herbs to help your body get the complete nutrition. Do not forget healthy oils. Also, keep your body as hydrated as you can. You need to basically avoid processed foods, high sugar foods, aerated drinks, dairy products, trans fats, vegetable oils, artificial sweeteners etc.

Why paleo diet is recommended

The paleo diet meal plan is an excellent way of detoxifying your body. Nothing artificial or harmful enters your body and it gets all the nutritional goodness of food without any unhealthy fats ruining it. if you wish to lose weight or stay healthy and energetic in general, the paleo diet is definitely recommended for you.

Paleo Recipe Book

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Type 2 Diabetes and Healthy Eating – Four Healthy Sources Of Fiber

If you have been given a diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes, or you are someone who is taking steps not to become a diabetic, it is crucial you include a healthy amount of dietary fiber in your eating plan.

Fiber will not raise your blood sugar and will help control blood sugar spikes. Dietary fiber is classified as being soluble or insoluble: it depends on whether the fiber dissolves in water. We need to take in both of these kinds which are found in many foods.

Fiber naturally occurs in…

  • fruits,
  • vegetables,
  • grains, and
  • beans.

Insoluble fiber helps…

  • prevent constipation,
  • remove toxic waste from your colon, and
  • helps balance the pH in your intestines.

Soluble protein helps…

  • prevent blood sugar spikes after eating, so you will not overeat, and
  • maintain a healthy ratio of cholesterol, therefore, reducing the risk of heart disease.

Many people know vegetables are good sources of fiber. Here are some healthy sources to be on the lookout for…

1. Beans. Beans are a vegetable you will want to consider adding to your diet plan. Beans can be consumed on their own as a side dish or added to another meal such as in soups, stews, or chili.

With so many different varieties available, you are sure to find one you will like.

Fiber content per one cup serving: 15 grams.

2. Blackberries. Blackberries are another tasty food if you want to boost your total dietary fiber intake. They are also quite low in calories, so are suitable for those who are planning to lower their calorie count. Blackberries are also loaded with antioxidants, so offer many health benefits.

You will find them easy to eat on their own or add them to smoothies, over yogurt, or a bowl of cereal.

Fiber content per one cup serving: 7.6 grams

3. Barley. If you eat brown rice on the side of your meals, now might be the time to consider changing to barley instead. Barley is a fantastic grain to have and is much higher in fiber than brown rice.

It also presents a heartier, nuttier flavor, something many people prefer. If you think barley is only for beef barley soup, think again. There are many delicious ways to serve this grain.

Fiber content per one cup serving: 6 grams

4. Oatmeal. There is no better way to start your day than with a bowl of hearty oatmeal. Oatmeal is virtually sugar-free, so proves to be an excellent grain for keeping your blood sugar levels in check.

You will also receive a reasonable amount of food for the number of calories found in oatmeal, so this makes it a fantastic option for those who are on a reduced calorie eating plan.

Fiber content per one cup serving: 4 grams

It is essential to get your fiber from different sources such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, beans, and grains.

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