Airbrush Smoothie

You are what you eat. And your skin is only as healthy as your diet. By eating antioxidant rich foods you can unquestionably prolong ageing.

Thankfully, there are a lot of antioxidant rich foods. And very few are better than spinach and kale. Great idea to start any smoothie with those ingredients.

Next up is one of my favourite green smoothie ingredients. Lemon. They’re too sour for me to eat whole but a blender is the perfect way to get them into your body. Fibre and all. This recipe uses 1/2 a lemon but step it up to a whole one if you can. Especially if you feel a cold coming on.

To combat the sour we add dates and coconut water. Now our super healthy concoction tastes good too.

Importantly, don’t forget protein. It promotes metabolism and keeps you full. We love almonds but they can easily be swapped around for sunflower or pumpkin seeds. Beyond the protein, we’re chasing vitamin E, as this will protect against lipid peroxidation. We want to fight off free radicals and hydrate the skin, leaving it to look more youthful.

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