The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Living: An Expert Guide to Making the Life-Saving Benefits of Carbohydrate Restriction Sustainable and Enjoyable

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Carbohydrate restricted diets are commonly practiced but seldom taught. As a result, doctors, dietitians, nutritionists, and nurses may have strong opinions about low carbohydrate dieting, but in many if not most cases, these views are not grounded in science.

Now, whether you are a curious healthcare professional or just a connoisseur of diet information, two New York Times best-selling authors provide you with the definitive resource for low carbohydrate living.
Doctors Volek and Phinney share over 50 years of clinical experience using low carbohydrate diets, and together they have published more than 200 research papers and chapters on the topic. Particularly in the last decade, much has been learned about the risks associated with insulin resistance (including but not limited to metabolic syndrome, hypertension, and type-2 diabetes), and how this condition is far better controlled by carbohydrate restriction than with drugs.

In this book, you will learn why:
Carbohydrate restriction is the proverbial ‘silver bullet’ for managing insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome and type-2 diabetes.
Restricting carbohydrate improves blood glucose and lipids while reducing inflammation, all without drugs.
Dietary saturated fat is not a demon when you are low carb adapted.
Dietary sugars and refined starches are not needed to feed your brain or fuel exercise.
Long-term success involves much more than simply cutting out carbs.
Electrolyte and mineral management are key to avoiding side effects and ensuring success.
Trading up from sugars and starches to a cornucopia of nutrient-rich, satisfying, and healthy foods is empowering.
Studying hunter-gathers’ diets provides clues to how best formulate a low carbohydrate diet.

This is a great book for health-minded individuals.
It is an excellent book for healthcare professionals.
Best of all, it is the perfect gift for health-minded individuals to share with their doctors, dietitians, and nutritionists.

Crispy White Pizza – Diet Recipes: Healthy Home Cooking, Low-Calorie Lifestyle

Dr. Collins preparing simple and tasty foods which are low-calorie, low-carb, high-protein, diet eating options.
Crispy White Pizza – Calories 166 – Full Recipe at, which is a lifestyle guide to weight-loss and maintenance.

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You won’t even miss the beef. #healthy #veggieburger…

You won’t even miss the beef. #healthy #veggieburger…

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WHAT THE HEALTH trailer #1

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Will I Get Sick on a Detox Diet?

The many diet gurus who are popular today are really pushing doing a detox before trying to lose weight. Any good weight loss program will start with a detox program. Why? The simple answer is so that your body can start working right. A major cause of weight gain is that the mechanisms in the body that metabolize foods into the nutrients that cause the body to function as it should not work properly because of a toxic build up. When toxins are pulling the body down, it is concentrating on handling the toxins rather than functioning as it should in ridding the body of wastes and digesting the minerals and other materials needed for healthy daily functioning.

Since detox means getting rid of toxins, it stands to reason that the toxins that have been in the way of proper body function are going to be stirred up and moved out. This process will more than likely cause some disturbance in the body. What can you expect? You may feel more tired than normal for a few days. You may feel nauseated. You may have a breakout of acne, or a radical change in bowel functions. Much will depend on how toxic your body is. If you are doing a commercial cleanse, relying on herbal combinations to detox your body, you must modify your diet. Going on a mild food diet consisting of clear soups, fruits and lightly steamed vegetables will help ease the discomfort. If an herbal cleansse is causing diarrhea, cut back on the recommended dosages for a while. If a full dosage makes you sick …. slow up on the dosage. If it recommends taking the herbs three times a day, drop back to two or even one a day. Every couple of days, up the dosage until your body is acclimated to the cleansing process in a more comfortable way. Do not eat junk food while on a cleanse. This would be comparable to sweeping the floor with your door opened to a wind storm.

When doing a detox program for the first time, it is recommended that you do it at a time when you are not obliged to perform in public. Do it on a weekend or when you are not working. While exercise is recommended during a cleanse, getting plenty of rest is also recommended. Drinking plenty of water is also recommended to help in the cleansing process of the body.

Some can do a detox program and do not feel sick at all, while most have some symptom of cleansing. The symptoms can be mild or ravaging …. but you do have control, so do not give up. Get advice from a health care physician and be prepared for what is to come. In the end, you will feel much better and be glad you "suffer" through it.

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Comes together in minutes. I will try sweet potatoes & mushroom instead of p…

Comes together in minutes. I will try sweet potatoes & mushroom instead of pumpkin | healthy recipe ideas Healthy Recipes |

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Clipphanger: Wat zijn vitamines?

Clipphanger is een format van de NTR. Clipphangers zijn animaties die alledaagse vragen op een verrassende manier beantwoordt. Geestig, informatief en origineel.

Deze Clipphanger gaat over vitamines.

Clipphanger is a format of the NTR. Clipphangers are animations which answer everyday questions in a surprisingly manner. Funny, informative and original!

This Clipphanger is about vitamins.

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Chris Atkins Showreel 2014

Chris Atkins
Camera Operator, Video Editor and Film Maker

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Blue Nights

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A New York Times Notable Book and National Bestseller

From one of our most powerful writers, a work of stunning frankness about losing a daughter.

Richly textured with memories from her own childhood and married life with her husband, John Gregory Dunne, and daughter, Quintana Roo, this new book by Joan Didion is an intensely personal and moving account of her thoughts, fears, and doubts regarding having children, illness and growing old.

As she reflects on her daughter’s life and on her role as a parent, Didion grapples with the candid questions that all parents face, and contemplates her age, something she finds hard to acknowledge, much less accept. Blue Nights—the long, light evening hours that signal the summer solstice, “the opposite of the dying of the brightness, but also its warning”—like The Year of Magical Thinking before it, is an iconic book of incisive and electric honesty, haunting and profound.

“Incantory….A beautiful condolance note to humanity about some of the painful realities of the human condition.” —The Washington Post


15 Pasta Salad Recipes

15 Pasta Salad Recipes

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