Loving Salads: How to Create a Salad, Every Weekday, in 20 Minutes or Less

 Save Time & Prepare Your Salads: Triple-tested Recipes: Tried-and-tested Recipes

Wehave al sat at work, counting the minutes until it's time for lunch and our staple option that is bland, expensive, unhealthy or just so boringly similar to what we had yesterday – and the day before? 

Discover a winning formula for creating salads by layering a base, vegetables or fruit, fresh herbs, protein toppings and dressings, which creates a perfect salad every time. 

Covering all vegetarian, vegan, raw, omnivore or pescatarian designation, every salad is an inspiration and can be adapted to suit a different diet. 

Fresh, tinned, jarred and pre-cooked ingredients are all explored; seasonality is key and variety keeps things nutritious and exciting.

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