Healthy Eating: Clean Eating Diet, Paleo Diet Cookbook And Sugar Detox Box Set – Over 100 Of The Most Delicious And Healthy Recipes For You And Your Family (Healthy Eating, Weight Loss)

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    HEALTHY EATING: The Clean Eating Diet, Paleo Diet For Beginners and Sugar Detox box set

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    Book 1: The Clean Eating Diet: Over 30 Delicious and Healthy Clean Eating Recipes To Lose Weight, and Increase Energy Forever!

    After reading this book, you will come out more determined and empowered than ever to take on the challenge of weight loss and encourage your personal metamorphosis – from being a person who does not think that healthy food can be awesome into someone who is ready to embrace the healthful benefits that clean eating can offer. Reading the book will surely enable you, whether or not you have struggled with your weight, to understand that changing the types of food that you eat will not only help you lose weight, but will also completely change your mind on the concept of living a healthier lifestyle.

    Book 2: Paleo For Beginners: 60 Irresistible Paleo Recipes for Weight loss and Optimal Health You Wish You Knew

    Inside Paleo For Beginners you will find direction in how to lead a healthier lifestyle by first trying the healthy paleo diet plan offered within these pages. It is a simple and healthy diet to start. It will guide you on how to choose healthier choices in foods that are going to help you to achieve weight loss and become fitter than you ever dreamed possible! The Paleo Diet is not new it is what the caveman were eating. Their deaths were not caused by things that we die from today such as cancer and heart attacks. Cavemen deaths were not caused by an unhealthy diet or lack of exercise unlike today. The foods they ate were all organic there was no manmade or synthetic food products like we have today. The Paleo diet is based around simple foods, you need to stay away from grains, processed foods, and sugar.

    Book 3: Sugar Detox: Beat Sugar Cravings and Overcome Sugar Addiction to Lose Weight and Increase Energy in 21 Days!

    If you are truly committed to making changes in your lifestyle that will help you to fight your awful sugar addiction then this book is going to offer you the support you will need to be successful. You have a much better chance if you have a game plan of how and what you are going to need to do to get the results that you are looking for. In order for you to get motivated enough to conquer your sugar addiction you really need to know what bad sugars have on your body. Knowing what health risks you are taking when you are ingesting far too much sugar in your diet is going to help you to get motivated to want to live a healthier lifestyle. Going on this sugar detox diet is going to benefit you on many different levels. You are going to lose weight and naturally you will feel better about yourself, have more confidence than you have had in a long time! Making changes in life is never easy, but when you are making a change for the better that is going to improve your health and well-being this is a welcome change!

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