FineDine mb-3854 Curved Lip and Flat Base Stainless Steel Mixing / Prep Bowl Kitchen Set, Mirror Finish, 6 Pieces

Product Features

  • ⋆CLEVER DESIGN MAKE EASY STORAGE- the bowls are constructed with a wide design so that all six mixing bowls can easily can nestle into each other for neat and compact storage. Those sleek bowls can easily fit into any small slot of space you've got; Set includes 6 differently sized bowls to suit all your needs sizes - 3/4, 11/2, 3, 4, 5, and 8 Qt
  • ⋆EFFORTLESS CLEANING- The bowls are lightweight, easy to use and easy to clean. Once you're done using the bowls, washing them is next. If you are washing them by hand then you should know that thankfully it is real easy to clean. If you've got a dishwasher, yippee! Just throw 'em in with the rest of your cooking utensils, turn it on, and there you go- beautiful clean bowls ready for its next use!
  • ⋆BEST STAINLESS STEEL COOKWARE WITH NUMEROUS USES- with so many sizes you can use them as a fruit bowl, serving bowl, punch bowl, soup bowl or baking bowl or even pottery bowl. Use the bowl as a double boiler or for mixing salads; you can stick your hand whisk or hand blender right into this large mixing bowl. Whichever way you use it for, you'll be finding yourself using all different sizes for all your needs!
  • ⋆INCREDIBLE KITCHEN GADGET WITH 3 SMART FEATURES - The greatest kitchen utensil that every kitchen needs, is the FineDine heavy duty, stainless steel bowl. SAFETY- It features a flared top lip which has been rolled at the end to ensure there are no sharp edges; NO MESS- It has a curved lip that restrains splatters and makes the bowl easy to grip pour out of. HIGH QUALITY- The bowls glint with a high polish mirror finish the bottom of the base is matte and is flattened to ensure stability while in use, so that it doesn't skid out of your hands
  • ⋆HEALTHY AND DURABLE- Time to replace those old silicone and plastic bowls! FineDine Stainless steel bowls won't surprise you with broken shards showing up in your food like the plastic and glass bowls sometimes do. Our stainless steel bowls do not contain those unhealthy cancer causing chemicals that seep into your food unlike the plastic and melamine ones. They posses quality incompatible to any other brand! In short - this is not your run-of-the-mill kitchen accessory, but rather your important-for-everything kitchen tool. Go healthy!
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Product Description

The FineDine bowls are high quality stainless steel bowls. They come in a set of six, with multiple sizes, great for mixing, baking, cooking and more. Use whichever size you prefer, appropriate for your specific needs.The bowls are sturdy, yet lightweight and have a flared rim to prevent spilling for a neat and clean experience. Its flat base helps keep the bowl from slipping around while in use. All six bowls are wide and are sized differently. Each is slightly larger than the next, so you can stock and pile them in each other just like Russian dolls. Despise cleaning time? No sweat. The bowls are super easy to clean, plus, they are dishwasher safe. Being so compact, you can store them practically anywhere. Happy cooking and baking!

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