“1000 COLORS RECIPE” by emmanuelle moureaux

Imabari City in Ehime Prefecture is famous for its high quality towel production. The land is blessed with good quality water, which has lead to an accumulation of excellent dyeing techniques.
For the “IMABARI Color Show” introducing the dyeing technology in Imabari City, Emmanuelle revealed an installation “1000 COLORS RECIPE”, using her own 1000 (one thousand) colors palette specially created for this installation, the most number of colors she has ever used in her works. The installation visually conveys Imabari’s dyeing technology and a new world of colors that no one has ever seen.

The concept of this installation is “1000 COLORS RECIPE”. It is a visualization of the delicate and accurate “recipes” required for dyeing. The elements that make up the recipe are the percentage of three principles of color “C (blue) / M (red) / Y (yellow)”, temperature “° C”, time “minute / second”, and values composed of numerical figures “0” to “9”. By precisely managing all of these elements, colors delicately different to each others are created.
These 17 types of symbols that make up the recipe were dyed in 1000 different colors, and they were cut out in the shape of symbols, connected with thread, and then suspended at the center of the atrium of the Spiral Garden (SPIRAL, Tokyo). 1000 colors are condensed to form a circle at the center, one color for one thread, and the un-dyed white symbols wrap the outer circumference emphasize the existence of 1000 colors. The total number of symbols used is about 17000. Symbols are arranged in three dimensional grid, while they may be seen floating aligned or chaotic depending on the viewing position. When sitting under the symbol, you will see various recipes as you drown in colors.

“1000 COLORS RECIPE” was created by the fusion of Emmanuelle’s colors with high quality skills of Imabari’s dyeing technicians. The technique of “dyeing” and the creation of “1000 colors”, multiplied by the delicacy of both have became a grand installation.

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