100 Gelatin Recipes: healthy candy, paleo-style, refined sugar free

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100 Gelatin Recipes

You probably know gelatin from the famous Jello; tasty and fun, but due to the refined sugars/ artificial sweeteners and other additives an extremely unhealthy treat.

A shame, because gelatin is a protein source with one of the most beneficial amino acid profiles for human health.

I have been playing with healthy gelatin recipes for a few years now and decided to share them in this book. The recipes range from simple fruit gums to exotic adventures with coconut milk to culinary treats with fresh herbs and spices.

All recipes are easy to made and suit a Paleo style diet; they are free from gluten, grains, soy, legumes, high omega 6 nuts/seeds (oils), additives and refined sugars. Only real whole healthy foods.

This book will give you plenty of inspiration to experiment and increase your gelatin intake in a healthy and tasty way.

(not just for adults, kids love the recipes as well and love to help with the preparation!)


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