Concept // Directed // Edited // Processed by: MadAsHell (Leila Jarman + Mike Leisz) http://mad-as.us/
Processed using TACHYONS+
Song written & performed by Def Sound https://defsound.bandcamp.com/album/kings-of-neon
Song produced by Brook D’Leau
Mixed by Brandon Kilgour

We are living in a time when the execution of people of color can be live streamed on your timeline. We are more than hashtags, we are more than a moment of silence, we are more than a Facebook post, we are more. It’s heart breaking that Injustice seems to be a broken record on repeat in this country. We can no longer look away, In the midst of our anger, sadness and disbelief I have found that creation is the highest form of rebellion. In these times I find silence to be an act of violence. This song and visual are a collective scream collaged of our pasts and presents.
ps. Please replace Donald Sterling’s name in thee 2nd verse with Donald Trump or whoever is the most popular racist in America at the time you hear it, thanks.

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